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My Bucket List!

This is my Keatyn Chronicles Bucket List!

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My Christmas Tree!

christmas tree IMG_0826

I bought our Christmas tree and all of the ornaments from Hobby Lobby. We have a lot of gold and silver accent pieces throughout our house, so that’s why I decided on a silver and gold theme. I also chose them because they make a great base for the tree and, later, if I decide to add in a color, it will mix in nicely. This is our first Christmas tree together and I wanted it to be beautiful. I ended up using around 1,000 lights on the tree. I use to just wrap the lights around the tree but this year I decided to do a different technique. If you start at the bottom and go up and down each individual branch, it really makes the tree sparkle. I used a ton of lights, but I absolutely love how bright our tree is! Hope this gives you some holiday inspiration of your own! IMG_0790 IMG_0815 IMG_0823 IMG_0820 IMG_0819 IMG_0822 IMG_0821

For our table, I wanted something really simple but beautiful. I love Christmastime, and Christmas decor, but I still wanted to be able to eat at my table every day. I’ve had these candle holders from Pier 1 for a while now and absolutely love them! For each holiday, I just change the candles because it’s so simple! The two reindeer are from Hobby Lobby!IMG_0794 IMG_0799 IMG_0793