About Me

I’m Kenzie Wagner. 20 years old. Living in Omaha, Nebraska. I’m studying business at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). My boyfriend, JJ, and I have two maltese puppies, Sugar and Ace. I absolutely love to read and have been fortunate to travel a lot to book signings with my mom, author Jillian Dodd, and have gotten to meet many other authors. Traveling is my passion and my goal is to do a study abroad each year in college! I get to travel a lot with my mom, which provides amazing opportunities. I’m not a great cook, but I try to be creative and try out new recipes. I’m a recent vegetarian, of about 5 months, and I try to cook pretty healthy. JJ still doesn’t know how he feels about me not eating meat, growing up in Texas and all . . .

JJ and I met about 2 1/2 years ago and have been together ever since. My family is originally from Nebraska but we lived in the Dallas area for about 8 years. When I got a scholarship to attend UNO, JJ decided to make the move with me. He’s a former college quarterback, adorable, crazy, tells you exactly what he’s thinking, and never stops moving, or talking. Basically, we’re total opposites. And very much in love.

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This is my family! My brother is a year and a half younger than me. I’d call him my little brother, but he’s going on 6’4″ and not so little! He’s my best friend and we’ve always been extremely close. He’s a freshman at Oklahoma State University and it has been really hard living far away from him. Connor is the opposite of me. He’s a free spirit, easy going, can talk to anyone, and I love that about him! He’s a professional kart racer, who won Nationals in the semi-pro division last fall and is a now a top 10 pro driver.  I’m very close with my parents, Scott and Jill, and talk to them probably way too much. My dad is an executive in the financial payments industry and I work my mom part time. My best friend, Bri, is the sweetest girl you could ever meet and I love her so much! She also happens to be my brother’s girlfriend. She is barely 5 foot but is full of happiness, life, and a lot of sass. She is going to school at Arkansas. It was hard to move far from home, but it was a good thing for me because I needed to grow up on my own a little. I depended way too much on my family, and I still do, but I have grown up a lot more being away because I have to do things for myself.

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I am such a dog lover and have two incredibly amazing puppies, Sugar Bear and Ace. Sugar is 8 and I have had her since I was in middle school. She is my princess, and knows it. I think she is part cat, part human, because she does not act like a dog. She is stubborn and is known for her evil eye when she doesn’t get what she wants, which she will make quite clear to you. Ace is my baby boy, and he is the new addition to our house. He’s 7 months old. He was literally the cutest puppy I had ever seen. He is a firecracker and gives the best puppy kisses, which never end because he is a little lover. However, he is also a maniac, but what puppy isn’t? He tears through the house, running circle eights around all my furniture, and has already managed to chew a hole in one of my fancy pillows and ruin a set of curtains.


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